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Pharmacy Case Studies

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Introductions: Pharmacy Case Studies

Getting Started With Pharmacy Case Studies,   After the determination of the source and meaning of ethical judgments, what kinds of actions are right, and how rules apply to specific situations—the topics of the introduction to this volume—the question remains of what ought to be done in a specific case or situation. Pharmacists and other health professionals often go through the process of determining the correct action in a specific case unconsciously. Furthermore, if asked, they would be hard-pressed to articulate just what steps they went through to arrive at a sound and justifiable decision.

There are many normative models for resolving ethical problems in the health science literature,1 but all require critical thinking and should result in a choice that is morally justifiable. Decision-making, whether in ethics or any other area of life, is often thought of entirely in terms of its anatomy or structure and the relationships among the structures. To appreciate the complexity of ethical decision-making, one must also understand the functions of the parts of the decision-making process. The majority of the volume addresses the “function” of how general ethical principles apply to ethical problems in pharmacy. Here, a framework is offered that includes the principles and a step-wise process to systematically resolve ethical problems in particular cases.

Pharmacy Case Studies Ethics Pdf Chapters And Sections

Table Of Contests For Pharmacy Case Studies Ethics Pdf

PART I Ethics and Values in Pharmacy
Chapter 1:

A Model for Ethical Problem Solving 21
The Five-Step Model
Application of the Model 22
1. Respond to the Sense That Something Is Wrong 23
2. Gather Information 24
3. Identify the Ethical Problem/Moral Diagnosis 2

PART II Ethical Principles in Pharmacy Ethics
Chapter 4:

Benefiting the Patient and Others: The Duty to Do Good and
Avoid Harm
Benefiting the Patient
Health in Conflict with Other Goods
Relating Benefits and Harms
Benefits of Rules and Benefits in Specific Cases

Part III Special Problem Areas
Chapter 10

Abortion, Sterilization, and Contraception
Abortion for Medical Problems of the Fetus
Abortion Following Sexual Assault
Abortion to Save the Life of the Pregnant Woman

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