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Medicine And Surgery pdf

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Introduction: Medicine And Surgery PDF

Getting Started With  Medicine And Surgery pdf, The concept of this book arose in part from a frustration with traditional textbooks, which address medicine, surgery and pathology as separate disciplines. This separation is frequently artificial, as patients often do not present to the doctor with an isolated medical or surgical problem. Medicine and Surgery: A concise textbook is a new textbook in which the pathophysiology and epidemiology of the disease are presented alongside medical and surgical aspects to provide a truly integrated text.

This unique approach allows the book to be used as a comprehensive undergraduate reference book. Another driving force behind this book was the lack of a comprehensive text that students could turn to for the essential knowledge required to pass their final exams.

Medicine and Surgery: A concise textbook is also a book that can be used by final year students to enable them to quickly and efficiently revise their knowledge. Whilst covering the core syllabus of undergraduate medicine and surgery we have kept the information to that which is essential to the undergraduate.

Diseases have been arranged by the system and have been presented under consistent subheadings to aid understanding and revision. This is also the manner in which students are often expected to present in exams. At the beginning of each chapter, the system is considered from a clinical perspective with a discussion of the symptoms and signs relevant to that system.

Table of Contents For Medicine And Surgery pdf

1 Principles and practice of medicine and surgery,
2 Cardiovascular system,
3 Respiratory system,
4 Gastrointestinal system,
5 Hepatic, biliary and pancreatic systems,
6 Genitourinary system,
7 Nervous system,
8 Musculoskeletal system,
9 Dermatology and soft tissues,
10 Breast disorders,
11 Endocrine system,
12 Hematology and clinical immunology,
13 Nutritional and metabolic disorders,
14 Genetic syndromes,
15 Overdose, poisoning, and addiction,

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