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General Surgery Review Pdf: After Surgical Recall 7th Edition Textbook Of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Today Medical Book Mania is Going to Share General Surgery Lecture Notes Pdf General Surgery Books Pdf Free Download for Our Great Visitors.

We Also Share a Huge Collection of Medical Pdf Books As General Surgery Board Review Series Pdf Is One of them.

Introduction: Hopkins General Surgery Review Pdf Manual

Getting Started with Hopkins General Surgery Review Manual, When I began putting my notes together on random pieces of paper and my Palm Pilot, I did not intend to do much else with them.  However, in time, they became so numerous that I needed to organize them in a better way.  A resident from the Brigham whom I worked with in the lab at NIH encouraged me to put them together in what he jokingly referred to as an “Attia Bible” of surgical wisdom, something he had done with his own notes.  The intent of these notes was not as much to be a review for a specific test per se, as it was an “all‐purpose” compilation of salient points to consider as I go through residency.

Of course, these notes come with the standard disclaimer that they are not meant to replace reading from primary sources, rather supplement it.  In addition, while I have tried to be as accurate as possible, during my readings I encountered several “facts” that were either contradictory to “facts” I had been taught as a resident or read in other sources.  For this reason, I can make no guarantees about the validity of each statement made here.  I have tried my best to amalgamate each set of facts into a somewhat concise, yet accurate document.

Table of Contents

Head & Neck Disease
Thyroid Gland and Disease
Parathyroid Gland and Disease
Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (MEN)
Adrenal Gland
Pituitary Gland
Thoracic Surgery.
Mediastinal Disease
Cardiac Surgery: Congenital Defects
Cardiac Surgery: Acquired Defects
Vascular Surgery Urology
Orthopedic Surgery
Gynecologic Pathology
Cancer Epidemiology
Esophageal Disease
Stomach & Gut Physiology and Disease
Small Bowel Physiology and Disease
Colorectal Disease
Pediatric Surgery
Spleen and Splenectomy
Hepatobiliary Anatomy, Physiology, and Disease
Hernia & Abdominal Wall
Trauma Principles
Critical Care
Hemostasis & Transfusion
Transplant Surgery
Fluids & Electrolytes
Renal Physiology
Skin & Wound Healing
Statistics in Medicine

General Surgery Review Pdf:
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