Exotic Animal Formulary PDF By (James W. Carpenter)

Exotic Animal Formulary PDF

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Introduction:Exotic Animal Formulary PDF

Getting Started With Exotic Animal Formulary PDF As we know, the medical care of exotic pets has become an integral part of most companion animal practices. This fourth edition of the Exotic Animal Formulary, therefore, was initiated to accommodate this rapid growth of exotic animal medicine. For this revision, many of the most recognized specialists in our field were invited to contribute; their role was to evaluate published drug dosages, related biologic and medical information, and references, and to select those that would be most clinically useful and relevant to the practitioner. Not only is this edition updated, expanded, and in color, but we’ve added a section on invertebrates in addition to sections on fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, rodents, rabbits, ferrets, miniature pigs, primates, and wildlife. The appendix, Selected Topics for the Exotic Animal Veterinarian, has also been expanded and now includes information on exotic animal online resources for practitioners as well as captive husbandry websites. This book is not intended to replace existing medical resources or the use of sound medical judgment, but rather to serve as a guide in providing medical care to exotic animals. This formulary assumes that the reader has a reasonable understanding of veterinary medicine. For example, drug indications are generally listed only in unique situations. Supporting tables have been carefully selected to include those topics of major importance in clinical practice.

Table of Contents For Exotic Animal Formulary PDF

Chapter 1: Invertebrates
Chapter 2: Fish
Chapter 3: Amphibians
Chapter 4: Reptiles
Chapter 5: Birds
Chapter 6: Sugar gliders
Chapter 7: Hedgehogs
Chapter 8: Rodents
Chapter 9: Rabbits
Chapter 10: Ferrets
Chapter 11: Miniature pigs
Chapter 12: Primates
Chapter 13: Wildlife

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