Elementary Botany Basics By Percy Groom

Elementary Botany Basics

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Introduction: Elementary Botany Basics

Getting Started With Elementary Botany Basics. In writing the present volume, I have endeavored to place the subject before elementary students in such a way as to exercise to the full their powers of observation, and to enable them to make accurate deductions for themselves from the facts which they observe. To attempt the study of Botany without the practical examination of plants is futile.

Students of plant-life must look at plants, and this book is specially designed for use during the process. Considerable experience as an examiner in Botany as taught in schools has convinced me that comparatively few learners have the advantage of seeing specimens with the aid of a compound microscope, although the treatises usually employed should involve the frequent use of such an instrument.

Under these circumstances, I have in the following pages assumed that a compound microscope is not employed, and for their proper understanding such an instrument is quite unnecessary. An ordinary inexpensive lens should be used to aid the naked eye; but, on the other hand, in commencing the study of Botany a compound microscope is absolutely needless, and, in the case of young beginners, does more harm than good.

The section on Physiology has been so written that no knowledge of the histology of plants is assumed a feature which is, I believe, here introduced for the first time. Though by no means a “cram-book” for elementary examinations, a thorough knowledge of the contents of this book will enable a candidate to pass with distinction. 

Elementary Botany Basics
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Elementary Botany Basics Chapters and Sections

Table Of Contents For Elementary Botany Basics

Part 1. General Morphology

Part II. Classification of Angiosperms

Part III. Physiology

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