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Bioengineering Examples

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Introduction: Bioengineering Examples

Getting Started With Bioengineering Examples Household appliances examines common appliances found in the home. Simple appliances are analyzed to identify materials and their applications. Electrical principles, research methods, and techniques to communicate technical information are introduced. The first student engineering report is completed undertaking an investigation of materials used in a household appliance.

Landscape products investigate engineering principles by focusing on common products, such as lawnmowers and clothes hoists. The historical development of these types of products demonstrates the effect materials development and technological advancements have on the design of products. Engineering techniques of force analysis are described. Orthogonal drawing methods are explained. An engineering report is completed that analyses lawnmower components.

Braking systems uses braking components and systems to describe engineering principles. The historical changes in materials and design are investigated. The relationship between the internal structure of iron and steel and the resulting engineering properties of those materials is detailed. Hydraulic principles are described and examples provided in braking systems. Orthogonal drawing techniques are further developed. An engineering report is completed that requires an analysis of a braking system component.

Table of Contents For Bioengineering Examples

Bio-engineering the scope of the profession.

Bio-engineering – materials

Bio-engineering – mechanical

Bio-engineering – communication

Bio-engineering – engineering report


Module evaluation

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